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Quality as a Choice



The selection of materials and the verification of their quality is the first fundamental step in the design and development of a product, especially if it is intended for outdoor use.


At ROSA SPLENDIANI , the choice we have made (and continue to make every day) is to focus on the constant search for high quality, which in fact translates into the guarantee of a long-lasting, solid product with an extraordinary longevity.


We are aware that quality must also be communicated. It is essential, for us, that the customer is able to perceive the real added value of our products, so we are committed to providing all the necessary technical information also on request.

Above all, we are proud to be able to count on and make available to new potential customers thousands of positive references from customers and partners who are satisfied with the purchase and use of our products outdoor.


Thanks to the great experience and flexibility in the structure and production chain, we are able to meet the needs of customized creations, or supplies of large quantities, always ensuring our quality standards.

Materials that make the difference



For our furniture outdoor, we have chosen as partners world-leading companies in the production of polymers (VIRO, REHAU and ATEJA), who guarantee their fibres to the highest standards.

Thanks to these skilfully crafted and hand-woven materials , garden furniture Rosa Splendiani can be placed in open spaces without fear of the elements. The high-density polyethylene (HDP) fibres are certified and designed to resist rain, UV rays, salt and temperature fluctuations, requiring very little maintenance throughout the year.


The aluminium frames give our outdoor furniture solidity and manageability. The powder-coated tubes are electro-welded to ensure strength. Our outdoor furniture does not rust and keeps its physical and aesthetic characteristics almost intact over the years.


As far as theuse of wood is concerned, we choose only fine Teak of controlled origin. Teak, with its dense paste and self-lubricating oil, is the outdoor wood par excellence: it has a very long decay, it is hydrophobic, it hardly ever warps or shrinks, it ages well and is extremely resistant. Finally, its limited absorption capacity protects it from grease and dirt.


Fabrics and textiles used are made of special materials that resist the sun's rays, so that the colours remain intact for a long time. The final treatments applied to the fabrics make them water-repellent, resistant to grease and easier to clean. All cushions have removable covers and can be dry cleaned or machine washed at low temperatures.

Passion for Design and love for "Form".



ROSA SPLENDIANI has always been synonymous with a love of "beautiful" forms. Over the years, thanks to the sensitivity we have developed over half a century of experience in the market, we have often been able to anticipate the evolution of taste and furnishing trends, creating collections and concepts that combine tradition and modernity.



Design is idea and creativity, study and research, planning and practical implementation. It is an added value that allows us to think of "objects" that are not limited to occupying a space, but that claim to animate and characterize it, shaping it through a precise logic of shapes, colors, volumes and textures.


Within our company, we take care of the design and ergonomics of each model, to offer unique products that combine functionality, taste for aesthetics and durability. Designing and implementing customized and innovative solutions, even on request, for both the private and contract sectors.



You can then bring your ideas to life. We can provide you with your own individual design and tailor-made furniture solutions. All our creations are subjected to scrupulous control throughout the production process: to obtain a result that fully meets your requirements.

Would you like to develop a customized product, with special materials, finishes and dimensions?

We offer you our facilities and our experience to give concrete life to your idea.


  • Send us your idea or project (in the form of a picture, sketch, draft, or even just describing it in words).
  • Our technical department carries out an initial feasibility assessment.
  • If yes, we will propose a first development sketch of the work, indicating more suitable materials/finishes and/or those available.
  • Once the filings have been made and the final technical details have been agreed upon, we send a rough estimate price for the realization of the requested project, indicating the approximate time required (normally is not less than 90/120 days).

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