Rosa Creative Room

Discovering the laboratory of ideas and design where the furniture collections are created Rosa Splendiani.

Despite the situation of deep uncertainty, our company has chosen to invest human capital and economic resources in the growth of its in-house creative studio (the "ROSA CREATIVE ROOM " in fact).

Our designers, in collaboration with external professionals and freelancers, are dedicated to planning the development of new concepts, researching and selecting any new materials, with the aim of creating innovative products, in step with the latest trends in design and furnishings.

The final objective is to place on the market an attractive furnishing product, with refined taste and undisputed quality (both in terms of materials and aesthetic quality) and above all perceptible, which can become an integral part of people's homes and lives.

How is a furniture product Rosa Splendiani born?

1. Concept and design development.



On the basis of the constant dialogue between creativity, technical research on materials and commercial surveys of trends, our designers hypothesize some basic concepts from which the first sketches are born.


As ideas clear and design concepts are defined, the original design takes shape and is ready for the next step.

detail materials 9

2. Selection of materials and colours



At this point, after defining the lines and shapes, the furniture product must be connoted with specific materials and colors. So we start with the selection of the most suitable materials to develop that specific initial concept. We draw from the materials of which we have technical experience to be certain of their performance (visit the dedicated section to the quality of materials).



If we opt for the introduction and use of a new material, we look for clear and proven technical and commercial references to ensure maximum product performance.


After that, we start with the development of the colors, selecting the original base finish and implementing any variants. Everything always respecting and declining in a harmonious and coherent way the starting concept.

3. Prototyping



The time has come to move from theory to practice, from the realm of ideas to the realm of craftsmanship. Thus began the process of building the first prototype.



It always starts with the construction of the main structure, for which we usually choose flexible and strong materials such as rattan or aluminum. Then we move on to the application of the chosen materials and finishes, which are adapted to the structure.


Once the prototype has been completed, its robustness and stability, ergonomics (which must be in line with the initial idea of comfort) and aesthetic result are evaluated.

design prototypes
small armchair dakota java  brown  dining - ambient

4. Product launch


The product (and its possible extension into a collection) is launched on the market, through a widespread network of retailers in Italy and abroad.